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As most of you are aware, the majority of the products that we purchase and use on an everyday basis are manufactured overseas. Sure, they may be cheaper (sometimes, a lot cheaper!), but the end result is poor quality in workmanship and materials, and a loss of jobs for American workers. It is becoming harder and harder to find items that are made here at home; but, if you look hard enough, and are willing to pay a little more, you can usually find what you want, made in the U.S.A. As more Americans are becoming aware of this shift in manufacturing, some individuals have “made it their mission” to buy products manufactured here as much as possible. For the past 2 or 3 years, my sister has only purchased items that are “Made in America” for Christmas gifts. I know of many others who have taken on the challenge as well.

In the optical world, it’s the same story. If optical frame displays ship to the office assembled, it’s because someone at a local warehouse put the pieces together after they arrived via semi and cargo ship from (usually) China. These products often look nice at first, but quickly show defects in workmanship and certainly don’t hold up over the long run. Earlier this year, my husband, Mark, and I took a trip to Eye Designs in Trappe, Pennsylvania. There, we met with space designers and interior designers to plan the layout of the office, choose the color schemes and patterns, and, you guessed it, design the optical displays. Eye Designs has their own factory, right there in Pennsylvania, and we got the grand tour! The men and women whom we had the privilege of meeting are truly master craftsmen, and everything they build is from scratch, and built to the highest degree of precision and beauty. Currently, those same men and women are building the furniture for Twenty 20! I am so proud that it is made here in the U.S., and that I’ve had a chance to help employ those individuals who are so highly skilled in their profession. Come and see it! You’ll immediately see the difference.


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